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<b>11Pier Investments</b>
Founder's Message

11Pier Investments

Dear Investor, welcome to 11Pier and a new investment reality.

A long time ago when I started investing in Real Estate I browsed everywhere about a company that could invest and manage on my behalf, unfortunately I couldn’t find it so I have done it myself which took me many years and mistakes to do it efficiently and with the most reliable stakeholders. After acquiring and managing multiple investment properties, I’ve decided to launch 11Pier with a purpose of investing for others like it would be for me without any time consuming and “unknowns”.

We want to build an investment real estate portfolio for our investors directly from the comfort of their sofas.

I breathe FIRE. This is the mindset I want to bring to all our investors. The goal is to provide the desired passive income to achieve Financial Independence.

I look forward to working with you to achieve your personal financial goals.

Why Portugal?

  • One of the lowest cost of living in EU countries;
  • Steady currency (€) and comparable low inflation rate;
  • Growing real estate market;
  • High rents;
  • Low transactional costs;
  • No restrictions on foreign property ownership.

Why now?

  • Low Loan Interest Rates;
  • Strong USD, now at parity with the EUR resulting in up to 20% savings;
  • Lower real estate prices due to the pandemic;
  • One of the highest real estate returns in Europe;
  • Prices reduced in 2022 (10% to 20%).

Why us?

  • We provide full investment service;
  • We empower and support our investors to build a diverse real estate portfolio;
  • We have extensive knowledge of the local real estate market and financial advisory expertise;
  • We manage the entire investment process like it would be for us.
Our services

How we do it


Investment Strategy

  • Personalized business plan
  • Product selection:
    • Investment
    • Credit
    • Golden Visa


Property Selection

  • Investment opportunities triage
  • Personal property selection
  • Market study
  • Real estate appraisal
  • Negotiation


Investment Management

  • Financial & Legal advising
  • Due diligences
  • Real estate legal analysis
  • Acquisition diligences


Asset Management

  • Asset analysis report
  • Asset’s value improvement
  • Home staging
  • Marketing Promotion
  • Prospective tenants
  • Tenants analysis


Property Management

  • Rental contract matters
  • Maintenance work management
  • Monthly payments


Performance Analysis

  • IRS diligences
  • Periodic investment metrics reports
  • Update market evaluation
  • Annual ROI analysis
Our Products

What we can do for you


11Pier invests for our investors in residential and commercial real estate (both existing properties and project developments) in major portuguese cities and in coastal areas.


Our finance department advises Portuguese residents, foreigners and corporate on new loans and renegotiating the current loans by obtaining the best credit terms.


Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Program allows non Europeans citizens through investments to obtain a five-year residency in Portugal. 11Pier’s team manages the entire process for you, negotiating on your behalf and protecting you from risky investments. You and your family will have the right to live, work and study in this beautiful country.


Some reasons to choose us

Our Purpose

Building financial independence by providing our investors with the best owned wide real estate portfolio.

Our Vision

Create accessibility of the best investment opportunities in the European real estate market for our investors.

Our Mission

Managing the entire real estate investment process (A to Z) in the Portuguese real estate market regardless of our investor's location.

Our Values

We stand for integrity, transparency, trust, accountability and commitment in a way that gives our investors, employees and partners the confidence to work with us, always giving our best.

Our Team

This is us


Júlio Cardoso

Júlio Cardoso

Founder & CEO

Peter Taubitz

Peter Taubitz

Managing Director
(Germany & USA)

Nuno Ferreira

Nuno Ferreira

Credit Manager

Ana Lima

Ana Lima

Asset Manager

Pedro Begonha

Pedro Begonha

Property Manager

Nuno Ramos

Nuno Ramos

Senior Legal Attorney

Maria Silva

Maria Silva

Marketing Communication Manager

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